The Talkative Tortoise

Once upon a time, a tortoise lived in a pong with two Ducks. The tortoise was extremely talkative. She would talk to the ducks to her heart’s content. They became really close friends. And, they all were living happily.

Once, during a long drought, the pond ran out of water. The two ducks, knowing that they couldn’t survive here anymore, decided to fly away to some other lake, which had plenty of water. They went to the Tortoise to bid her goodbye.
“Oh, don’t leave me behind!” begged the Tortoise. “Take me with you or I must die if I am left here.”
“But you cannot fly!” urged the Ducks. “How can we take you with us?”
“Take me with you! Take me with you!” said the Tortoise.

The Ducks felt really sorry about her. They figured out a way to carry her with them.

“We have thought of a way by which we can bring you with us,” they said, “Only if you can manage to keep quiet long enough, you will have to hold a twig in your mouth and each of us will take a hold of one end of a twig. Then, we will fly up in the air and carry you with us. But remember not to talk! If you open your mouth, will fall straight to the ground.”
The Tortoise promised she wouldn’t utter a word. She agreed to not even flinch her mouth. And off they went!
When they were above the treetops, the Tortoise wanted to say, “How high we are!” But she reminded herself of not to speak and kept still. When they passed by the church steeple, she wanted to say, “What is that shinning crest?” But she remembered her promise and remained quiet. Then they came over to the village square, many people saw them and were thoroughly surprised. “Look at the Ducks carrying a Tortoise!” they shouted, and everyone ran to look. The Tortoise wanted to say, “What business is it of yours?” But she didn’t. Then she heard the people shout, “Isn’t it strange! Look at it! Look!”

The Tortoise couldn’t hold her urge any longer, she opened her mouth to scream, “Hush, you foolish people!”—and fell to the ground. And that was the end of the Tortoise.
To be able to control one’s tongue, is indeed a talent!

The tale of the fox and the horse instils good moral values amongst children. This shall help them develop into responsible humans who share a common sense of compassion, wit and kindness.

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